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Prime Bingo isn’t just about clicking PLAY and watching the numbers appear. We’re a social site too where the fun never stops. 2013 - 14 has a big budget ready for competitions and promotions. As well as the classic 5 Free Cards for new players, new online bingo games come with special deals like Cash Back on deposits, Match Up Bonuses and unique Bonus Codes. There will also be Free Prize Draws, Raffles and much more. There are some big competitions lined up for the holidays this year; that includes Easter, summer holidays, Christmas and New Year. There will also be surprise fun promotions for Bank Holidays and days like Halloween and Bonfire Night.

We’ll also be blogging games reviews, news, gossip, gaming tips and everything else that a serious bingo fan needs to know. You can also tell us what you think about the site and what you love most about online games online. You’ll also find Prime Bingo on Facebook next time you check your account. The Facebook page is a great way to keep ahead of the competition and be the first to cash in on all the top deals.

Bingo is such a fun and easy game, with so many prizes, that it attracts players from all around the world. We’ve got every age group and every background, but Prime Bingo fans all have one thing in common; bingo bingo bingo!